A sleek modern space to complement the architecture of a Huf Haus

Photos © Guy Lockwood

The all-glass rear of the house opens to panoramic views of the east-facing back garden, with its flowing lines enticing your eye through the splendid vista and making it pleasing from every angle.

The surfaces feature blocks of classic York stone connected with intricate sett pathways and curved hardwood plains. In the centre, a stunning curvilinear bridge takes you over the oblong pond, past planting on each side, and a charming water feature fed from a linear spout protruding from a bespoke Copper Verdigris wall. Beautifully lit, it provides a meditative and tranquil quality, and is an inspirational addition to this urban garden.

In the main living area at the rear, purpose-made sails provide a removable sun and weather shade to allow the outdoor kitchen to be used throughout the seasons. A beautifully curved hardwood deck seamlessly integrates the outside room into the garden, with elegant steps descending to a modern lounge and dining area.

The planting is a delicious mix of colour and architectural greenery that excites and inspires.