West Grove, back

A spacious back garden connecting two entertaining areas

This large back garden in Greenwich was designed to provide a flowing connection between the two entertaining areas.

The rear of the house sports a large paved area for comfortable dining and use of the barbecue. Wide steps down to the garden are flanked on the right by a delightful deck with a bespoke built-in bench and soft seating – a perfect spot to take the final rays of the evening sun.

Descending the steps, a path to the left takes you on an inspiring journey through a scree garden planted with exotic perennials and five multi-stem silver birches, and brings you to a curved deck in the corner, sheltered by an elegant bespoke pergola.

A second path curving away to the right takes you past the lawn on one side, and on the other, a riot of shade-loving plants, from half standard arbutus trees providing evergreen structure, to dynamic grasses and Astrantia.

We placed one of our customary bespoke features, a charming leaf-shaped bench, next to a splendid water feature constructed by TILLS Innovation, making it ideal for sitting and enjoying the gentle sound of the water and the view across the lawn to the scree planting.

This effective garden allows the whole family to make the most of their outside space throughout the year.