A sheltered garden with lush planting

We transformed this sloping site into an exquisite tropical journey which moves down through the generously planted raised beds formed by the gabion blocks. These spectacular features with their texture and powerful presence not only act as retaining walls but also give the space a sense of permanence. Architectural shade-loving plants such as large tree ferns placed through the different tiers create a wooded ethereal jungle that is truly delightful.

The lower level is paved with pebbled grout lines to accentuate the space and form a relaxing shady retreat. In contrast the brighter decked area near the house accomodates a large bespoke pergola, half sheltered by a glass roof and shielded from the weather by a horizontal cedar trellis. The handsome cube stove in the centre and the graceful lighting down through the garden terraces enables evening entertaining regardless of the time of year.