Crediton Hill

A garden utilising shapes and angles for maximum interest

The design of this Hampstead garden is a modern and functional reflection of the house, accommodating the client’s desired style, and makes extensive use of shapes and angles to maximise the dimensions visually.

The garden features a bespoke outdoor kitchen near the house for convenience. Triangular steps connect the kitchen area to a raised deck with glass panels, enabling a clear view of the garden. Meanwhile, a path of triangular porcelain steps leads to the rear, and a decked area with an adjacent Corten steel water feature which adds delicate movement and a soothing sound. At the back, the summer house with a living roof provides a cosy retreat.

Two pebble scree beds set off the tropical planting, including exotic tree ferns, and bring additional texture and colour to the garden. Evergreen architectural plants ensure year-round interest, while dynamic perennials bring colour to both the shaded and sunny areas, with purples, whites and pinks manifesting throughout the seasons.