College Road, front

A spacious, formal front garden and driveway

This superb period property had an extensive front garden much in need of some judicious design and planting.

The centre of the space is dominated by a mature tree, and around its base we built a bespoke hardwood bench to give the clients the opportunity to view their garden from all aspects. Next to it, we created a striking geometric layout comprised of triangular beds bordered with low yew hedges and four lollipop trees with underplanting.

Meanwhile, the in-and-out driveway with electric gates now opens onto a smart gravel surface bordered by rectangular sandstone setts and low Ilex plants. To the side, the bespoke bin park and parcel-drop with a sempervivum green roof  are concealed behind yew hedging.

Finally, we installed a sophisticated lighting scheme to illuminate the trees and planting at night and give the garden a dramatic ambience.