Airedale Avenue

A contemporary garden for all-season enjoyment

This charismatic back garden in Chiswick is impeccably designed with curving shapes to create a sense of flow and harmony, and offers a stunning vista along with practical facilities.

Adjoining the house, a simple but stylish porcelain patio provides an area for dining and socializing, with a perfect floating bench doubling as a log store beneath.

At the rear, the stunning cedar pergola with its glass roof creates a cozy and inviting space, and can be enjoyed all year round with the aid of heaters and mood lighting. The mirror at the back of the garden reflects the spectacular colours from the planting back into the seating area and seemingly enlarges it.

On the other side, there is a bespoke built-in barbecue with cupboards beneath for storing cooking equipment and wood, while an ‘L’ shaped storage bench with a corner planter provides extra seating for friends and family.