Bespoke Pergolas and Gazebos in London

Treat yourself to an enchanting space for outdoor living

Pergolas and gazebos provide benefits both practical and aesthetic for your garden, and are a delightful way to define and enclose a space. Close to the house, they can create a semi-domestic area, ideal for outdoor dining. Within the garden proper, they can be a striking architectural feature in themselves.

Pergolas provide a framework for attractive climbing plants, with the degree of shade and enclosure controlled by the choice of plants and the density of the supporting structures. A roofed gazebo will allow you to enjoy your garden whilst giving you some protection from the variable British weather.

We design and build high-quality pergolas and gazebos in a choice of durable materials. Each one will be a unique and impressive structure suited to your requirements.

If you’re looking for a high-quality bespoke pergola or gazebo for your London garden, do get in touch.