Medium-Sized Gardens

A selection of medium-sized gardens we’ve designed and built in London

Turney Road 4

A contemporary garden with distinct contours

For this contemporary garden, we used interlocking contours to define the different areas.

The buff porcelain stone patio adjoining the house provides a dining area from where you can look out onto the garden. On the right-hand side, an Ilex crenata hedge marks out the curved perimeter of the generous border. Four graceful silver birches overlook the planting scheme, a pleasing mix of purples, whites and strong greens.

On the left-hand side, an impressive raised bed runs along the entire length of the lawn. Planted with gorgeous Hydrangea arborescens ‘Annabelle’, it’s also wide enough to be used as a seat. To highlight it at night, a horizontal light runs along the base, while at each end, two statement pebble areas stage distinctive globular lights and specimen pompom topiary trees.

At the back, another patio offers a lounging area, with a mobile barbecue and two beautiful olive trees in grey pots.

Camberwell Grove

A town garden for leisure and entertaining
This town garden was designed for leisure and entertaining.

On one side of the porcelain patio adjoining the house we installed a sleek-looking outdoor kitchen with bespoke cedar cupboards and a black stone worktop. It has all the facilities needed for entertaining: a fitted gas barbecue, a stainless steel fridge and a butler sink.

On the other side, we installed a graceful cantilevered wooden bench to fit perfectly with the elegant stone table that we specified.

The tapering patio flows through to the curving borders which ring the central lawn. Lively planting with vibrant shades of plum and lime accompanies the half standard Ligustrum jonandrum trees. To the rear, the decked leisure area features a chic cedar hot tub and is framed by Magnolia grandiflora trees and smart cedar trellis.

Crescent Lane

A charming back garden for the whole family
We designed the back garden of this terraced house to be an elegant, charming and functional space for the family.

The dining patio of buff porcelain stone adjoining the back of the house gives way to a striking circular area flanked by raised beds with mounted pergolas and cantilevered curved benches, making it ideal for lounging. Up the steps, the generous lawn allows plenty of space for children to play. The planting is floriferous, with beautiful shades of silver, white and lime. At the rear, a small patio leads through to the summer house.

Turney Road 3

A functional and flowing family garden
We aimed to create an subtle flow within this garden to allow the different areas to integrate seamlessly. A line of patio lights in the dining area laid with brown porcelain links with the curve of the planted areas. This curve continues through to the central space intended for leisure and entertainment, consisting of a circular deck with a cantilevered bench and fire pit, adjoined by a Caledonian pebble area that makes the garden feel wider.

The planting scheme is arranged around beautiful mature olive trees on each side, with a radiant palette of orange, red and pink was carefully chosen to blend with the colours of the interior of the house.

At the back, we installed a bespoke shed with a gym and bike park, and a log store opposite, with a rendered raised bed for herbs.

Druce Road

A stylish medium-sized back garden
We designed the exquisite colour scheme of purple, white, silver, blue and black for this garden to create subtle contrasts between the hard and the soft landscaping.

As you enter the garden, you walk along a path sheltered by white jasmine underplanted with a combination of evergreen ferns and Liriope muscari against black fencing. Then you encounter the fine buff sandstone patio with its intersecting curves, which contrasts with the adjacent purple rendered wall. Walking through the garden, three mature dwarf olive trees create a distinguished atmosphere, while the Agapanthus africanus and Lavandula hidcote planted at their feet add to the lush Mediterranean feel.

At the rear of the garden, the curved bed leads you to a circular decked area with a cantilevered bench attached to a striking purple rendered raised bed. To the side, a separate white Caledonian pebble path planted with ferns and grasses leads to a smart grey shed.

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