Front Garden Designs

A selection of front gardens we’ve designed in London

Calton Avenue 5

A semi-paved front garden both elegant and practical

The practical requirements of this front garden did not prevent us from creating a rich visual statement...

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Woodwarde Road 2

A multi-textured driveway conversion on a slope

We laid a fine Victorian-style tiled path lined with Ilex crenata to lead to the entrance of this period house

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Friern Road

A modern, enclosed front garden driveway

For this small front garden, we designed a functional but decorative space...

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Turney Road 2

A smart front garden with texture

For this small front garden, we created interest through different textures and materials...

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Turney Road (front)

A front driveway design with colour and contrast

For the design of this front garden driveway, we used a dynamic mix of materials...

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Court Lane

A challenging front garden set on a slope

For this sloping front garden, our design team created this beautiful circular gravel driveway...

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Calton Avenue 2

A modern front garden design for an elegant Edwardian house

The surface laid in narrow slate paving forms two parking spaces...

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Idmiston Road

A formal and contemporary front garden

Sandblasted limestone paving and bespoke Yorkstone steps produce a clean and formal surface...

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Chestnut Road

A beautiful low-maintenance front garden and driveway

The driveway is laid with Cedagravel® on a geotextile base...

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Alleyn Road (front)

Shape and colour for a spacious front garden and driveway

For this fine Dulwich frontage we created an expansive oval-shaped gravel driveway...

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Frank Dixon 2

A front garden with a Mediterranean flavour for a clean white Dulwich house

We designed the planting to be dry but soft for this garden...

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Burbage Road

A fitting front garden for a classically proportioned house

The path made from reclaimed York stone is framed by fine standard Arbutus...

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Frank Dixon 1

A garden to complement a house of clean white lines and simple modernity

The soft grass beds flanking the cream travertine path are filled with the lilac smoke clouds of the blue Perovskia...

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Dulwich Village (front)

Strong geometry creates a garden of clarity and simplicity

For this Dulwich front garden, the clean gravel driveway is designed using the environmentally friendly honeycomb system...

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Rosendale Road

A crisp and colourful front garden for a Victorian house

The honeycomb system ensures that the gravel stays clear of the fine Victorian path...

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Woodwarde Road

A minimalist, low-maintenance front garden

The clean Caledonian pebbles create a stage to set off the striking row of ligustrums...

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