Front Garden Design in London

See a selection of front gardens we’ve designed and built

Woodwarde Road 2

A multi-textured driveway conversion on a slope
We laid a fine Victorian-style tiled path lined with Ilex crenata to lead to the entrance of this period house, and converted the main area of the front garden into an attractive and user-friendly driveway. To create interest, the dark grey porcelain slabs alternate with lighter grey sandstone setts. These also define the planted area, the curved shape of which is farther accentuated by five Eriobotrya half standard trees along its perimeter. The mainly evergreen planting creates a subtle palette of dark plum, white and silver tones.

We also incorporated our signature cedar trellis bike shed for the use of the family, with a sempervivum green roof.

Woodhall Drive, Front

A modern, beautifully crafted front garden driveway
This large circular front garden features some exceptional landscaping.

We used the varying levels to make a gentle slope leading to a central circle of sandstone setts. The meticulous craftsmanship creates a clean but textured effect that complements the modern style of the house, farther enhanced by multi-stem silver birches and cypress trees planted in a concentric circle.

The planting is an appealing mix of lime grasses and purple perennials accompanying more architectural species such as Ilex Crenata and iris. Bespoke cedar trellis and gate provide screening from the road and divide the front and back gardens, whilst also complementing the setts to create a coherent impression.

Friern Road

A modern, enclosed front garden driveway
For this small front garden, we designed a functional but decorative space.

High cedar trellis on each side enclose and shield it from the busy road, with ferns below and fragrant jasmine and colorful clematis to soften the lines. The bespoke bin parks were also built with cedar to blend in. The entire surface was laid with a textured dark grey porcelain for a modern and sharp look, and in keeping with this style, we incorporated black, white and silver planting around the half standard Ligustrum trees.

Turney Road 2

A smart front garden with texture

For this small front garden, we created interest through different textures and materials. For the hard landscaping, we used sandstone plank paving for the entrance path, a buff honeycomb gravel system for the driveway, and pebbles in the central area. The shade planting of deep green, lime and red is arranged around 3 half standard Photinia x fraseri that gracefully guard the house. Finally, the bespoke bin park of cedar trellis with its sempervivum green roof offers benefits both practical and aesthetic.

Turney Road (front)

A front driveway design with colour and contrast

For the design of this front garden driveway, we used a dynamic mix of materials, with plank paving dissolving into grey pea shingles. Meanwhile, the planted beds around the perimeter provide a delicate colour scheme of orange, plum and pale pink, and to complement the cottage style of the house, we planted fragrant climbing roses along with a wisteria.

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