Garden Design in Dulwich

See some gardens we’ve designed and built in the Dulwich area

Turney Road 4

A contemporary garden with distinct contours

For this contemporary garden, we used interlocking contours to define the different areas.

The buff porcelain stone patio adjoining the house provides a dining area from where you can look out onto the garden. On the right-hand side, an Ilex crenata hedge marks out the curved perimeter of the generous border. Four graceful silver birches overlook the planting scheme, a pleasing mix of purples, whites and strong greens.

On the left-hand side, an impressive raised bed runs along the entire length of the lawn. Planted with gorgeous Hydrangea arborescens ‘Annabelle’, it’s also wide enough to be used as a seat. To highlight it at night, a horizontal light runs along the base, while at each end, two statement pebble areas stage distinctive globular lights and specimen pompom topiary trees.

At the back, another patio offers a lounging area, with a mobile barbecue and two beautiful olive trees in grey pots.

Friern Road, back

A contemporary curvilinear garden

For this long narrow garden, we created a contemporary curvilinear design on different levels. Our aim was to create an architectural space with a variety of materials and planting, with different textures interacting to create a sensational multifaceted effect.

As you enter the garden, the boundary between decking and stone creates a curved line which continues farther along and draws your eye into the distance. The lounge area is adorned on one side with bespoke trellis, and on the other with mirrors alternating with fragrant jasmine in spruce grey planters. One step up, the decked dining area offers colourful planting in raised beds and a fitted outdoor kitchen with a barbecue.

Ascending the porcelain steps, you enter a lush planted area with radiant pinks, plums and limes, while the pleached half-standard trees on each side bring vertical structure. Finally, at the back, in front of the summer house, you arrive in a sun lounge area laid with Caledonian pebbles and watched over by four majestic magnolia trees.

Calton Avenue 4

A modern back garden with distinctive geometry

This large garden boasts within its geometric lines an exuberantly colourful array of shrubs and perennials. The design incorporates two stunning entertaining areas which allow a choice of sun or shade at different times of the day.

You enter the garden through a rectangular patio framed by two large triangular raised beds planted with vibrant reds, pinks and blues. Farther in, the lawn is flanked by three smaller triangular raised beds planted with striking mushroom-shaped Photinia trees. Then, porcelain pathways lead you through lush orange- and silver-planted raised beds to the deck at the rear. This lounge area is marked by a striking wooden pergola, specially designed for the garden, whose angular and intricate style creates a unique ambience for relaxing and entertaining.

Turney Road 2

A smart front garden with texture

For this small front garden, we created interest through different textures and choices of material. For the hard landscaping, we used sandstone plank paving for the entrance path, a buff honeycomb gravel system for the driveway, and pebbles in the central area. The shade planting of deep green, lime and red is arranged around 3 half standard Photinia x fraseri that gracefully guard the house. Finally, the bespoke bin park of cedar trellis with its sempervivum green roof offers benefits both practical and aesthetic.

Druce Road

A stylish medium-sized back garden

We designed the exquisite colour scheme of purple, white, silver, blue and black for this garden to create subtle contrasts between the hard and the soft landscaping.

As you enter the garden, you walk along a path sheltered by white jasmine underplanted with a combination of evergreen ferns and Liriope muscari against black fencing. Then you encounter the fine buff sandstone patio with its intersecting curves, which contrasts with the adjacent purple rendered wall. Walking through the garden, three mature dwarf olive trees create a distinguished atmosphere, while the Agapanthus africanus and Lavandula hidcote planted at their feet add to the lush Mediterranean feel.

At the rear of the garden, the curved bed leads you to a circular decked area with a cantilevered bench attached to a striking purple rendered raised bed. To the side, a separate white Caledonian pebble path planted with ferns and grasses leads to a smart grey shed.

Allison Grove

A versatile wrap-around garden

Our design for this garden, which wraps around the house, aimed to create three distinct spaces whilst maintaining continuity throughout. To that end, we used generous curvilinear shapes in both the hard and soft landscaping

The front garden offers a fine curved carriage driveway of dark grey granite setts laid in concentric circles. As you enter the gates, the vibrant planting creates a striking impression, with half standard Ligustrum joandrum trees and Buxus sempervirens balls, softened by vibrant pink Echinacea purpurea and white Hydrangea arborescens ‘Annabelle’.

As you walk along the charming granite sett path at the side of the house, you are sheltered by majestic pleached trees, while the shapely grey raised bed topped with Lavandula angustifolia teases your eye and guides you to the rear part of the garden, which is dedicated to leisure. Here the decked and lawn areas are softly delineated by Stipa tenuissima grasses, with the curved decking leading to a cedar hot tub backed by a splendid purpose-built raised bed.

The garden’s planting scheme of silver, white and pink has been a delight for this family all year round.

Turney Road (front)

A front driveway design with colour and contrast

For the design of this front garden driveway, we used a dynamic mix of materials with plank paving dissolving into grey pea shingles. Meanwhile, the planted beds around the perimeter provide a delicate colour scheme of orange, plum and pale pink, and to complement the cottage style of the house, we planted fragrant climbing roses along with a wisteria.

Huf House Garden

A multifaceted garden for a multidimensional house

The intricately laid decking runs away from the house to majestic dining and lounge areas, which both enjoy stunning hand-carved vessels with overflowing water. In the central area a striking flaming bowl provides illumination. Stepping up to the mezzanine level you walk through an exquisitely planted garden to find yourself in a tranquil corner area, where you can lounge and enjoy another perspective of this enthralling space.

Court Lane

A challenging front garden set on a slope

For this sloping front garden, our design team created this beautiful circular gravel driveway with a perimeter of granite setts. The challenge of the slope was addressed by a ramp and steps in buff porcelain stone. To play with the differences of level, the gravel circle is underset by a buxus hedge, and the effect is amplified with beautiful curved raised beds that surround the space. Eye-catching planting offers lovely shades of plum and purples through the seasons with agapanthus, allium and acer trees.

We also enabled our clients to conceal their bins inside a smart bespoke cedar bin park. Its roof is planted with a carpet of sempervivums which creates a distinctive evergreen piece in itself.

Calton Avenue 3 (back)

A large back garden with shape and movement

The patio seamlessly extends the living space of the sun-room extension at the back of the house, and its circular perimeter is embraced by lushly planted angular raised beds and two curved wooden benches mirroring each other. The angle of the patio’s plank paving is carried through to the sandstone plank path bordering the lawn, and entices you along the colourful border to the destination, the subtly screened play area at the back of the garden. Meanwhile on the other side fine upright pleached trees provide a screen.

Calton Avenue 2

A modern front garden design for an elegant Edwardian house

The surface laid in narrow slate paving forms two parking spaces divided by a triangular central planted area and a front wall of characterful reclaimed bricks. The fencing is built with our speciality bespoke red cedar battens, while the simple planting is a collection of buxus balls surrounded by roses and interspersed with tall perovskia blue spires and rambling blue and purple clematis.

Chestnut Road

A beautiful low-maintenance front garden and driveway

The driveway is laid with Cedagravel® on a geotextile base which ensures stability and low maintenance. The planting includes evergreen trees and shrubs to give the garden an evergreen framework, while the flowering plants provide variety and interest through the seasons.

Alleyn Road (back)

An impressive sandstone terrace for a large rear garden

For this sizeable rear garden we designed a stunning terrace of sandstone tiles, with a circular central feature of granite blocks and a complementary timber bench. Curved raised beds planted with striking half-standard erybotria trees, perennials and grasses embrace the terrace on both sides, and sweep through to the shady garden and lawn. The perimeter beds are planted with conical copper beech trees and an array of beautiful shade-tolerant evergreen shrubs and flowering perennials. The terrace also extends to the side of the house to form a smart outdoor dining area.

Turney Road (back)

A contemporary cottage garden with year-round interest

Our design for this large Dulwich garden incorporated sensational modern planting for a profusion of texture and colour.

A smart terrace of grey sandstone plank paving abuts the house, while a path leads to an elegant circular hardwood bench set inside a raised bed with lush planting of ferns and ornamental grasses. Adjacent Dicksonia antarctica tree ferns set on a pebble surface provide striking architectural interest.

Alleyn Road (front)

Shape and colour for a spacious front garden and driveway

For this fine Dulwich frontage we created an expansive oval-shaped gravel driveway using the suspension system and framed with limestone plank edging for a clear division between driveway and borders. The planting features three vase-shaped amelanchier lamarckii trees with their exquisite spring blossom, blowsy hydrangea annabel and smart half standard roses. With lavender, grasses and geraniums also pitching in, the borders are a rich palette of purples, blues and whites.

Frank Dixon 2

A front garden with a mediterranean flavour for a clean white Dulwich house

We designed the planting to be dry but soft for this garden as the beds receive full sun. Clouds of purple verbena create a riot of movement and colour above the grasses and pebbles, which are punctuated by the cypresses with their striking vertical form.

Burbage Road

A fitting front garden for a classically proportioned house

The path made from reclaimed York stone is framed by fine standard Arbutus, while three formal box squares fizz with white hydrangeas. The lower beds are packed with ground roses and hellebores for white flowers in both winter and summer.

Frank Dixon 1

A garden to complement a house of clean white lines and simple modernity

The soft grass beds flanking the cream travertine path are filled with the lilac smoke clouds of the blue Perovskia. The olive trees give a Mediterranean hue on warm summer evenings while the tall elegant silver birches mark out the perimeter.

Dulwich Village (back)

A back garden both ornamental and productive

For this traditional Dulwich house, the brief was to create a garden both ornamental and productive. At the rear of the house, we created a colonial-style veranda with an impressive white pergola and deck. This gives a full view of the garden and the delightful color scheme of pink, red and lime.

At the back of the garden, we made a feature of the three beehives by painting them lime green, and to enhance the Potager garden area, we laid caledonian pebbles around the bespoke hardwood raised allotments that we built for family vegetable production.