Back Gardens

A selection of back gardens we’ve designed and built in London.


A sheltered garden with lush planting

We transformed this sloping site into an exquisite tropical journey...

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Crediton Hill

A garden utilising shapes and angles for maximum interest

The design of this Hampstead garden is a modern and functional reflection of the house...

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West Grove, back

A spacious back garden connecting two entertaining areas

This large back garden was designed to allow a flowing connection between the two entertaining areas...

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Airedale Avenue

A contemporary garden for all-season enjoyment

This charismatic garden is impeccably designed with curving shapes...

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A sleek modern space to complement the architecture of a Huf Haus

The all-glass rear of the house opens to panoramic views of the east-facing back garden…

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College Road, back

A dramatic contemporary rear garden with swimming pool and bespoke pergola

This stunning rear garden design successfully addresses the practical requirements of the swimming pool...

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Evelyn Road

A small contemporary garden using complementary shapes 

For this small back garden, we created a feature of staggered stepping-stones which bisect it diagonally...

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Crescent Lane 2

A small back garden using angles for effect

The planks of the beautiful lower deck are set diagonally to the back of the house...

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Ildersly Grove

A versatile back garden to accompany an outdoor room

This back garden was designed to complement the existing outbuilding...

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Alleyn Road 3

A tranquil back garden connecting two destination points

The open and serene layout of this garden is designed to connect the main house ...

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Court Lane 2

A large back garden combining tradition with recreation

This large back garden consists of two halves...

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Turney Road 4

A contemporary garden with distinct contours

For this contemporary garden, we used interlocking contours to define the different areas...

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Crescent Lane

A charming back garden for the whole family

We designed the back garden of this terraced house to be an elegant, charming and functional space...

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Friern Road, back

A contemporary curvilinear garden

For this long narrow garden, we created a contemporary curvilinear design on different levels...

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Calton Avenue 4

A modern back garden with distinctive geometry

This large garden boasts within its geometric lines an exuberant array of shrubs and perennials...

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Turney Road 3

A functional and flowing family garden

We aimed to create an subtle flow within this garden to allow the different areas to integrate seamlessly...

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Calton Avenue 6

A garden design that makes a feature from a constraint

Rather than treating the mature pear tree in the middle of this garden as a constraint...

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Druce Road

A stylish medium-sized back garden

We designed the exquisite colour scheme of purple, white, silver, blue and black for this garden...

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Huf House Garden

A multifaceted garden for a multidimensional house

The intricately laid decking runs away from the house to majestic dining and lounge areas...

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Calton Avenue 3 (back)

A large back garden with shape and movement

The patio seamlessly extends the living space of the sun-room extension at the back of the house...

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Ryecroft Road

An outside entertainment area come rain or shine

This garden was conceived as a highly functioning entertainment area come rain or shine...

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Wexford Road

A south-facing contemporary family garden

The terrace of buff sandstone plank paving creates a spacious contemporary outdoor dining and seating area...

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Alleyn Road (back)

An impressive sandstone terrace for a large rear garden

For this sizeable rear garden we designed a stunning terrace of sandstone tiles...

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Turney Road (back)

A contemporary cottage garden with year-round interest

Our design for this large Dulwich garden incorporated sensational modern planting...

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Dulwich Village (back)

A back garden both ornamental and productive

For this traditional Dulwich house, the brief was to create a garden both ornamental and productive...

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Drewstead Road

An effective renovation of a large mixed-use garden

The long north-facing rear garden boasts an elegant dining area on the sandblasted stone terrace...

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Elm Tree Road

A variety of entertaining spaces as the sun moves across the garden

The long thin flat garden runs across the complete width of the rear of this St. John’s Wood property...

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Alleyn Park

A flowing, curvaceous garden to befit a curvilinear house extension

The superb extension to the rear of this Edwardian property sets a precedent for curves and soft lines...

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